I was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in the post WWII era. In those days, picking beans and strawberries in the summer was the way to make a few bucks. I probably did worse at it than most of the other kids who rode buses to the fields on summer mornings. Beans and berries were not on my long list of career preferences... ...or aptitudes.

We lived near the airport which shared space with the air guard base, and I drooled over every new jet fighter that arrived during the nineteen fifties. I got plastic model airplane kits for birthdays and Christmas until my folks found out I was lighting them on fire and throwing them out the attic window when I got tired of them. The US Air Force was almost certainly in my future and that's were I went shortly after graduation from High school. They didn't let me near the planes...

The Air Force recruiter made the field of Intelligence sound hot, but it turned out to be mostly filing classified reports for people with real jobs. When computers came along we began filing those classified reports on computers so I added a computer programming skill. If I ever write about parts of my Air Force career, its bound be comedy, but for most of my twenty years I really enjoyed the work.

After the Air Force, I joined the State of Washington as a computer programmer. When PCs began to invade the computer world I rode that wave and installed the first network for my agency, built software systems and generally did what was interesting and fun. After a while the fun exploratory parts got sucked out of the work and eventually it was time to retire again.

At home, I discovered photography with a 35mm Pentax obtained from a local pawn shop. It was kinda fun. I studied what I could find of it, and when digital photography came along I upgraded cameras and found an interesting convergence of photography and computing (www.wk-photoart.com ) Around the turn of the century (this one), my wife and I discovered Sea Kayaking and enjoyed that for a few years, lucking through more than a few interesting experiences.

When I retired from Washington State service, we moved to Southern California to be closer to a new grandchild. Shortly afterward it became two.

One day I got a bug up my butt about winning a $330 million lottery prize. I've no idea why I fixated on exactly that number, but it kept after me. Night after night I'd think about how I'd spend that much money. It finally got so bad I sat down at my keyboard to write out how I'd do it, so I wouldn't have to re-invent my choices every night. To get it to a personal level I had to invent an avatar, and from there evolved 330. Despite my lack of interest in high school or college English classes I enjoyed writing this story more than just about anything else I've ever done. Its put some fun in my life and I hope you enjoy, or enjoyed the story.

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