Cast of Characters

Everything in the table below is fiction recorded to enable me to produce a reasonably coherent story. Where I've not completed information, it has either been forgotten or never existed and I'm not wasting any more energy on it. ...unless I need it for later stories.

I've added links in two places to allow surfers access to real information concerning Marine Recon candidates and Women Combat Support Team members of the US Army's Special Forces. Keisha was originally intended to be a member of a SEAL team, but the Navy hasn't allowed that yet, to the best of my knowledge.

Mike Destep

b. 2/14/1956 Portland, Oregon

Benson high, Portland, 1974

USAF 1974-1982, SSgt, Computer Programmer

AA Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) 1980

BS CS University of Washington 1985

MS CS Seattle Pacific University 1988

Married 1974, divorced 1982,re-married 1989, widowed 2008.
First marriage, 8 years and divorced. Two children from that union, a girl, 32 (b.jul 75) and a boy 35 (b.mar 77) both moved to the east coast with mom after separation. Married again for nearly 20 years his second wife came with a son the same age as Mike's daughter.

Mike is a good listener and speaker, a good instructor, innovative and creative. Builds well on other's ideas. He prefers individual sports to team events, enjoys reading, biking, tennis.

Physically: 6' even, 190 pounds, 30 pounds over HS grad weight. Minor receding hairline. Good physical condition.


First wife. She met a lobbyist for the airline industry and preferred that lifestyle to her life as an Air Force wife. Moved to the East Coast with both children.

Cecilia (Cissy) Heywood

Daughter of Mike's first marriage.

b. Aug 75. 5'6” tall, shoulder length black hair,, 145 lbs, drifting slowly towards pudge due to lack of physical exercise. Seven when mom divorced Mike, lived primarily wi Mom. Visited annually after move to East Coast wi mom's new hubby. Spent 1 month/summer and two weeks winter with Mike until graduated HS. Gradual adoption of elite set attitudes pushed her away from Mike during college and into the arms of Reynard Heywood, Suspended or shortened visits with Mike during college finishing a BA in English from Uconn, 2000. Married into an apparently well off branch of the DuMond family in 2002. 1 Child in 2004-Rachel, husband Reynard Heywood.

Reynard Heywood

Son-in-law 6'1” tall, weighs 200 lbs, Blond hair, blue eyes, 36 yrs old, cousin of chemical industry wealth, Tennis and Golf player, Financial advisor for senior level clients at a Baltimore MD Bond Brokerage. Connected on the east coast through family, but is a poor cousin. Kissing up and kicking down he uses underhanded tricks of the trade to skim when the opportunity arises. He shows himself to be the villain in 330 and Cissy subsequently divorces him taking Rachel.

Rachel Heywood

Granddaughter, b 2004, 4 years old at time of 330

Vernon Johan (VJ) Destep

Son. Mike's son by his first marriage. b. Jul 77. 5' 11” tall, 160 lbs, thin. Five when mom divorced Mike, lived primarily with Mom on east coast, visited a month in the summer and two weeks winter (Christmas or New Year) until graduated HS. Dropped out of college in second year. Had problems with drugs and alcohol. Living an itinerant life on the East Coast.

VJ lacks confidence in himself, had difficulty being boyish in mom's new house, and in the past tended to blame others for his issues. He is a little reluctant to explore money being unsure of his capacity to resist temptation. He might backslide.

Joan (Mehl) Destep

Daughter-in-law VJ's wife. Joan is also a college drop-out. Having rescued each other from drugs she and VJ live poor life, but work honestly to help others via the Salvation Army in Portsmouth, VA. Joan has acquired a Nursing certificate (CNA/LPN?)

Marilyn (Harvey) Destep

Second Wife. Maiden name, Tobin, 1st married name, Harvey

Recently deceased wife or Michael (b Apr 1956, d-Jan 2008)

5' 4” 125 Lb Black hair (grey roots),

Born in Omaha , Neb, Apr 56, Los Angeles for college, married college beau in hurry, amicable divorce 1985 while living in LA. UCLA grad 1977, married 1975-1985, 1 child a boy b. 1976.

Moved to Portland to work with Ross Perot's EDS company after divorce (1985). Moved to Seattle to work for Seattle city government in 1988. Ex husband still lives in Los Angeles, amicable relationship with Ex and Sonny.

Marilyn is extroverted, social and intelligent. She enjoys going and throwing parties, entertaining people and is superior at easing tensions across philosophical issues. Constant smile, witty and a superior dancer. She adores and somewhat follows Mike's more advanced IT work and was well integrated into the Issaquah social scene.

Marilyn married her college beau during her Junior year at UCLA due to a growing bump. After graduation and ten years of trying she divorced amicably from her first hubby who preferred beach parties to working and had no goals for the future.

She works from home as a part-time systems analyst for Northwest transfer, a catalog sales company.

Sonny Harvey

Step-son Marilyn's son from her first marriage, b. Dec 75 6'1” tall, 194 lbs, small spare tire. HS-94, UW-2000, BS Geology. Good relations with Mike as Father-in-law during his HS/College years. Also amicable relationship with birth father in LA. Works for a small geo analysis firm in Bellevue, Wa. Married 2005 to Audrey Boardman, 1 child Harry. Sonny is quiet, accepting and non-judgmental. He preferred earth sciences over engineering, has an extensive rock collection, vacations hunting meteorites. Photography is another hobby.

Audrey (Boardman) Harvey


Harry Harvey

Grandson – Born the week after his grandmother's death in Jan 2008.

Charlotte Destep

Sister b. 1949. Sister Katerina, Benedictine Sisters of Chicago, monastery on the North side of Chicago.

Marny (Tobin) James

Sister-in-law b.1965, Peter's mother. 5'5” tall, 125 lbs, Silver blond short hair, slender through varied exercise programs which she does religiously until she gets tired and moves to something else. Marny takes extra care of body and face as her job success depends on it.
Moved to Seattle in 2000 from Midwest fleeing abusive hubby, thence to Gresham, OR, taking a sales management job with Natural April beauty products, a cosmetics firm. Peter's decision to stay with Michael and Marilyn made it easier for her to travel in her job and fit into a smaller apartment in Portland. She stayed with Mike and Marilyn often and swapped visits with Peter during his senior year. Loves Peter, but was a little freer to explore relationships without him living with her. Several discrete plastic surgery procedures have enhanced Marny's youthful features.

Peter James

Nephew b. 1984 to 2nd wife's sister, BS Econ, CWU 2007, CPA (est) 2009.

Marilyn's sister Marny divorced in 2000 and moved from midwest to west coast, living briefly with Michael & Marilyn before finding a lucrative sales position in cosmetics in Portland. Having registered at a High school in Sammamish, Peter stayed with Mike and Marilyn to finish his junior year there. Popular and good baseball player he didn't want to move to Portland and arranged with Mike & Marilyn and Marny to finish his senior year there also. He had a close relationship with Mike and Marilyn during HS/ and his college years at Central Washington University . He remains close, having found an accounting position in Seattle after school. He has changed jobs a few times. He has minimal contact with his biological father who was a drinker and abuser. Peter is 6'0, 175 lbs, short cut brown hair, hazel eyes.

Peter lives in a Condo he's buying on Capitol Hill in Seattle, where he works for a large utility services company. Loves hiking, skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor pursuits with friends. Peter is more outgoing than Mike, has a broad group of friends in the area, some from HS, some from College.

Peter is engaged to Judith Adams,

Judith Adams

b. 1985, Des Moines, Iowa, 5'7” tall, 140 pounds, works out regularly and runs 5 mi daily. She leans toward feminism, is outspoken but tends to be introverted. Peter and Judith are married in the middle of 330 and participate in the rescue.

Judith's mother is named Ellen, a self-confessed 'trekkie' since 1966 and fighter airplane groupie.

a software developer on loan to Microsoft from a local software school where she was a highly prized SQL Server instructor in a Microsoft certification course.

Jim Irskine

Chief, A-Z Security
Ex Major, USA SF 1990-2004. Heads AZ Security, VIP protection services. Most personnel of AZ Security are recently discharged Special Ops veterans of Iraq/Afghanistan. Irskine saw action in Desert storm and Iraq through 2004.

Evan Berkeley

A-Z lead agent assigned VJ and Joan.
USMC recon sniper, 99-08, a better description of the Marine Recon can be found here:


Keisha Myles

A-Z lead agent assigned Cissy Heywood.
USA Special Forces, Afgan 06, 08
Keisha was a prototype for USSOC in this:


See 331 (I'll link this when its done.)

Terry Sams

A-Z lead agent – Assigned Sonny and Audrey
ex USN SEAL team 1, remote sensing expert

Martha Short

A-Z agent -Assigned Harry
Ex USArmy military police.

John Short

A-Z agent -Assigned Peter and Judith
Martha's husband

Nancy Brewer

A-Z agent – Assigned Rachel

Bethany Marx

A-Z agent – Assigned Marny
Ex USA Military police.

Carl ?

Lead of a backup security team contracted by Irskine.

Gen Clayton Groves, USA Retired

Director, NSA NW monitoring Div.
Clayton Groves, aka the general. Major General, US Army Retired., 1980-2005. Key player in re-activating 1st SFG in 1984 for Pacific operations. Saw action in Iraq, Afghanistan, and more with varying leadership positions in USSOCCOM. Retired to take NSA position in 2005 heading west coast data intercept & analysis effort.

Chuck Stewart

Senior monitor NSA
Works with Judith and Mike at their office's vaulted research lab.

Stephen William Kinney

A1C/monitor NSA
Savant electronic intercept monitor. Hacker, gamer, eccentric.

Barbara Martin

NSA NW Spec Ops – Technology

? Eggleston

NSA NW Financial analyst

Morris Kravitz

NSA NW Project Manager

Ken Spencer

NSA NW Spec Ops – the general's driver

Col Bob Gaines

USAF, Joint Military NW region monitoring center

Tom Hansen

UWare head
The only partner left at Uware following buyout by a large database integator. Worked with Mike on many projects, severe inferiority complex. Fires Mike for turning down an offer to help with an unidentified project. Makes a nuisance of himself by hiring a private detective to bug Mike's apartment.

Renee Beckley

HR/office manager for DFSC
42 – divorced, daughter, age 13.

Max Stillman

Mike's tax attorney
Tax attorney with the firm Stillman, Hart & Inglemann. (Next partner in the firm must not have a last name beginning with “T”). 62- Married.

Henry Stephenson

Mike's banking mgr

Steven Barnes

Crooked Gov employee

Dr Philip Lazeri

Crooked clinic owner

Hiram Bekins

Crime group head
mob connected, probably inside. 70+ years, ostensibly owns a chain of east coast dry cleaners and dabbles in import/export activities through the “HB trading company”.

Markie Bekins

Hiram's nephew

Mikey ?

Gang beef

Willie ?

Gang scout

Arnold Duquesne

Maker of bad decisions