Mike Destep wants to build a home in New Mexico. But he also wants to create opportunities for the people who will build his house. Building a sustainable community in an arid part of the country calls for innovation and hard work, all of which is available for a price.

Drawing from the people of the land, he rambles into pie country and meets incredibly independent women, surprisingly capable men, and potentially deadly enemies. Who is trying to kill him this time? Is it the fiery redhead? The jovial jester? The comic book character? Or has he never met his assassin? Who are friends and who are enemies can be a complex question.

In an adventure that sprawls the length and width of New Mexico, Mike, Cissy, Rachel and Keisha from “330” meet a cast of many who toil at the business of life while trying to preserve their own. Mike meets a woman whose strength draws more than just his admiration and has to confront the question: Are you willing to put your life on the line for her ?


Missionaries ?

332 ?