Cast of Characters

Everything in the table below is fiction recorded to enable me to produce a reasonably coherent story. Where I've not completed information, it has either been forgotten or never existed and I'm not wasting any more energy on it. ...unless I need it for later stories.

I've added links in two places to allow surfers access to real information concerning Marine Recon candidates and Women Combat Support Team members of the US Army's Special Forces. Keisha was originally intended to be a member of a SEAL team, but the Navy hasn't allowed that yet, to the best of my knowledge

Mike Destep

b. 2/14/1956 Portland, Oregon

Benson high, Portland, 1974

USAF 1974-1982, SSgt, Computer Programmer

AA Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) 1980

BS CS University of Washington 1985

MS CS Seattle Pacific University 1988

Married 1974, divorced 1982,re-married 1989, widowed 2008.
First marriage, 8 years and divorced. Two children from that union, a girl, 32 (b.jul 75) and a boy 35 (b.mar 77) both moved to the east coast with mom after separation. Married again for nearly 20 years his second wife came with a son the same age as Mike's daughter.

Mike is a good listener and speaker, a good instructor, innovative and creative. Builds well on other's ideas. He prefers individual sports to team events, enjoys reading, biking, tennis.

Physically: 6' even, 190 pounds, 30 pounds over HS grad weight. Minor receding hairline. Good physical condition.

In 330, Mike won a huge lottery cash prize of 330 million dollars. He lost his left leg as a result of a severe bicycle accident in 330 precipitated by gangsters hired by Reynard Heywood. He has no memory of the incident. He started a family owned corporation to enhance the fortunes of his family members, then bugged out to scratch a wanderlust itch which is the story in 331.

Family finance note

Successful investment of Mike's fortune has paid dividends of nearly $900,000 per year to individual family members, in addition to his initial gifts of $1 million each in 330.

Cecilia (Cissy) Heywood

Daughter of Mike's first marriage.

b. Aug 75. 5'6” tall, shoulder length black hair,, 145 lbs, drifting slowly towards pudge due to lack of physical exercise. Seven when mom divorced Mike, lived primarily wi Mom. Visited annually after move to East Coast wi mom's new hubby. Spent 1 month/summer and two weeks winter with Mike until graduated HS. Gradual adoption of elite set attitudes pushed her away from Mike during college and into the arms of Reynard Heywood, Suspended or shortened visits with Mike during college finishing a BA in English from Uconn, 2000. Married into an apparently well off branch of the DuMond family in 2002. 1 Child in 2004-Rachel, husband Reynard Heywood.

Cissy was close to death in 330 but was extricated by Keisha Myles. In the course of keeping Cissy undercover the three women grew close and at the end of 330 stayed together.

Family finance note:

Mike's two grandchildren each receive roughly $500,000 in dividend payments yearly. These are deposited to savings accounts.

Rachel Heywood

Granddaughter, b 2004, 4 years old at time of 330

Rachel is in kindergarten in Phoenix in 331.

Delgado Ramirez

Sandra Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez

Del” is Mike's foreman.

Del is 29, Mexican-american, 5'7' 190 lbs. He attended UCLA on a baseball (pitching) scholarship, hurt his arm and lost the scholarship, didn't graduate. Bright and very locally knowledgeable, he coaches little league baseball in Socorro, where he lives with wife Sandra, and son-Anthony (2).

Del's Tio Raymond sold Mike an almost new Diesel Ram 2500 crew cab, then another similar vehicle that Del drives which is euphemistically called a company vehicle.

After the worksite camp is rebuilt, Sandra is hired as cook, working essentially for Murphy.

Frank 'Chief' Murphy

USN (ret) 45, 5'9”, somewhat rotund, retired navy chief, owns the Pie-R-round restaurant in Pietown, NM. Divorced,

Murphy is an ex SEAL instructor and encountered Keisha during her training.

Pie-R-round staff: Cook: Manuel

Waitress: Maria, Carmen, Kathy and Sarita.

Brin Stander

5'4”, 125 lb, 40 yrs, dark red haired widow of Jim/James Stander. Husband died of lung cancer previous year and Brin kept the ranch, which is a popular guest ranch/hunting lodge. She's got a larger spread, but only runs 50-60 head of cattle.

Daughter Angela 'Angie', 14, son Jim Jr. 17, both board in Albuquerque for school.

Lodge housekeeper -Mrs Angleston, 53 – part time.

Cook: Marge Frommert, 57 - seasonal.

Tim 'Tico' Herera





Concrete specialist & Big rig driver. 35, 5'8” 180, Mex-am, wife Maria, son-Diego(4), son-Martin (3), dau-Melanie (1). Delgado's cousin from Socorro.

When the worksite camp is rebuilt, Maria is hired to perform administrative duties for the camp.

Bob Hashkedasila



Bob “Hash”, Carpentry, construction lead., 49, 6'6” 225lb, Apache, wife Mary 42 5'4” 150lb, son Andrew 'Andy' 15.

Bob is one of many hereditary chiefs of the Mescalero Apache tribe, but has worked construction outside the reservation most of his adult life. During the events of 331 he and Mary occupy the largest RV trailer located in the Pietown RV camp. Andrew weekends with them. In 331, Bob moves the group to Reserve, where the tribe can protect them better than the police.

After second camp is established, Mary is hired as head cook, working with Sandra. Andrew works summertimes in the settlement which later takes on the name Brightwell.

Louis Peńamo

Louis is 26, 5'8” 160, Architect, recent Masters grad of Taliesin West. Thesis in Pueblo/Mission revival styles.

Lives in Phoenix, claims grandfather was a famed Indian architect.

Doreen “Dora” Solis

Dora, 44 5'6”, 140, Accountant CPA, UNM grad, Son Mark, 16, daughter April, 14.

Doreen is slender, a runner, short cropped brown-blond hair, wears glasses on brown eyes, prefers no or light makeup, reads extensively, but considers herself as average in looks.

Recently divorced from Troy Townsend.

Troy Townsend

Troy is 47, Accountant, CPA, owns his business in Socorro. He is Dora's insanely jealous ex-husband, a chronic woman abuser. He is proficient in Korean Karate and is absolutely wacko.

Martine Camoberto

Martine, 42. 6'7” 350 lb owner of Casa Berto Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, black belt student of Keisha, Uncle of Luis Penamo.

Peter James

Mike's Nephew

Peter is currently CEO of the Destep Financial Services company.

His is recently married to Judith Adams.

Judith Adams

b. 1985, Des Moines, Iowa, 5'7” tall, 140 pounds.

Judith works with General Groves, in the vault Mike built in 330.

Jim Irskine

Chief, A-Z Security
Ex Major, USA SF 1990-2004. Heads AZ Security, VIP protection services. Mike's friend and security team head in 330.

Evan Berkeley

A-Z lead agent assigned VJ and Joan.
Mike's friend and a security consultant. Ex USMC recon team sniper (HOG)

Keisha Myles

    A-Z lead agent assigned Cissy Heywood.
    USA Special Forces, Afgan 06, 08.

    Keisha is expert at several forms of Martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu among them. Her silent movement results from early training in

    Keisha and Cissy are partners in a private investigations business in Phoenix. She first appeared in 330 and is more fully developed in 331, but has yet to be more fully explored.

Financial note:

Keisha was paid nearly $2 million for her 24/7 care of Cissy and Rachel in 330. She does not receive family dividends, but is an associate member of the family, eligible for housing and education loans as well as other benefits.

Steve Canyon

Prior owner of Canyon Flight Services, 5'8” 180lb black American. US Army pilot, Afghanistan and Iraq. BS in Aerospace technology Western Michigan, 1991. 8 years US Army, bought chopper to do business flights ABQ-SFE-PHX-TAOS. Sold company and chopper to Mike, retained at $150K/yr to fly, manage aircraft. Absent father insisted on Steve because he liked the Steve Canyon comic strip by Milt Caniff. Changed last name from Wilson on whim after service to counterpoint 1940-50s blond white comic strip pilot. Very witty fellow, and excellent pilot.

Lives in Albuquerque wi wife Sandrina and two children: Topaz, girl, 9 and Diedre, girl, 6.

Private license, Commercial license, Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument. Studying for Airline Transport Pilot license.

Romanyi Tochievskiy

aka Rudy Guillermo, European mercenary/assassin. 5'10, 170lb, brown hair and eyes, Explosives expert with knife secondary preference and competent with rifles. 10 years in africa as merc. Origin unknown, English, German, French, Russian.

Clay Smiley

County Sheriff – Mixed Apache and Chinese, 6'4 220 retired marine, 52, trim friendly but official.

Randy Martin

County Deputy – 6'1”, 210 – ex-marine, 32, red-hair, enthusiastic.

State Police

State patrol: Captain Bryant, Uncle of lawyer Kevin.

Escorting officer: Officer Chandler

Organized Crime Unit: Lt Wilson Marquez

Uniform state patrolman Socorro area. Sergeant Estevez

Gen Clayton Groves, USA Retired

Director, NSA NW monitoring Div.
Clayton Groves, aka the general. Ran a secret electronic eavesdropping branch of government in 330.

In 331 we find that the general has been replaced and the public-private relationships between his agency and others have been curtailed.


Real Estate: Kevin Bryant, nephew of NMSP Captain Bryant, staff, Hartnet & Williams.

Criminal defense: William Hartnet, partner Hartnet and Williams, Santa Fe.

Stephen William Kinney

Cryptosystems analyst/?
Savant electronic intercept monitor. Hacker, gamer, eccentric. Worked for General Groves in 330. Key player in Mike and Cissy's recovery.

The Red Corvette he drives was a gift from Mike's family after he aided in Mike's recovery and Cissy's rescue.

Post Script (Fiction)

Following the end of the events in 331, Mike leaves the settlement and suggests the residents give it a name: They choose “Brightwell”. Although it will remain a private community, they institute a “council” of leaders. Mike makes larrangements for the community to purchase up to half his equity in it on a generous time basis. Relatively low lot rents deposit to an equity account, as well as small net profit percentage payments from the tile and AWG roof businesses.

The equity fund is used for some salaries, maintenance and community projects and still shows reasonable growth.

The sewage project evolved large marshy settlement ponds which over time attracted new wildlife to the area. sludge treatments on more remote slopes allowed seeding pines, which promise to forest more of the ranch. This is expected to attract wildlife development in the future. Much is being monitored by NMT as part of their ecosystem engineering curriculum.