The fine art of

Georganna Malloff

Artist's Statement


Georganna Pearce Malloff.

"My evolution into a unitive vision of organic sculpture began when I settled in the redwood forest of Mendocino County in 1962.  My primary materials became themes of eros and paradise.  Explorations of environmental relationships between humanity and the cosmos led to the creation of sculpture gardens.  Influenced by Jungian concepts of individuation, the comparative mythologies of Joseph Campbell and the French traditions of sculpture, I aspired to infuse in the work a magical presence and, in the viewer, life-affirming energies through transformational symbols. 

   In 1976 after a five-year retreat homesteading in a British Columbia Island, I became involved in the collective dynamics of group sculpture through carving the Cosmic Maypole Totem for the United Nations Conference on Habitat, Vancouver, British Columbia.  I am presently exploring sculptural forms of the four elements -- air, earth, water and fire --Ideally to become meditational fountains, energetic reflections on the wellsprings of the life force. "