Warren Kelly's  Photo Art


Moonset.jpg (95003 bytes) Moonset
Tugs.jpg (122437 bytes) Tugs!
1stpercivalevening.jpg (29652 bytes) Percival Landing, Summer evening port activity
Vicclipper.jpg (97609 bytes) Victoria Clipper
Capsailbt.jpg (75677 bytes) The capitol dome overlooks a visiting sailboat
Dinghies3.jpg (97965 bytes) Dinghies moored at the landing
dinghy.jpg (85694 bytes) Early morning colors limn the sleeping dinghies
earnest.jpg (104996 bytes) Earnest, a regular visitor to Olympia's Harbor Days celebrations.
EveningGlow.jpg (79800 bytes) Evening colors glow on the water
Eveningpaddle.jpg (91532 bytes) Paddling through gold
Harbord1.jpg (106175 bytes) A knot of tugs in late summer
harbordays3.jpg (86169 bytes) Early arrivals for harbor days camp on their decks.
HarborNightlights.jpg (224893 bytes) Every harbor light defines the character of its space.
"Motherhood" as always watches over the comings and goings of the boats.
Ladywa.jpg (51959 bytes) The Lady Washington, on tour.
marinapost.jpg (124380 bytes) Fiddlehead marina under a high, cold morning fog shows its pre-dawn colors.
Olysort.jpg (81632 bytes) The gantries of the port facility rest in the evening skyline
oysterhaus.jpg (82672 bytes) Lights from the Oyster House restaurant and the water park beyond illuminate the inlet in the early evening.
Prcv3pst.JPG (412364 bytes) Copper skies of an earlier day on Budd Bay. 
rooflines.jpg (132187 bytes) Boat sheds in autumn isolate spots of color.
Tugboatmorning.jpg (118960 bytes) Early morning of the 2002 Harbor days celebration
Wanderer.jpg (133688 bytes) A visitor to the harbor, the "Gallant Lady".  A vessel built for wandering.

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