Author's notes: Moonfall

MOONFALL is about me going to the moon. The website? I make do with what I've got so its going to stay simple. I use Ubuntu Linux on my desktop, Libre Office for manuscripts and HTML, and GIMP for artwork. I rarely pay anything for software.

These are things I had to work through while writing Moonfall. I thought they might interest others so I'm sharing. Or they're sketches of things invented for the story or putting together the cover. (Long ago, as a young SciFi fan I was inspired by the art of Chesley Bonstell. )

And, yeah, I admit it. There are a few places in MOONFALL where I could have paid more attention PRIOR to publishing...

I'll be happy to put your comments about such up here, provided they're reasonably free of clutter.

But if you haven't already, skim through the Post-Script section of the book. Some things had to be kept out of the story to ease the burden of TMI, like: How did they get their water? Or what's a DEVAS engine? You'll find a lot of background BS in the PS.

Originally I sketched out McGill Park at 500 meters down, but after a long time it sank in that there were advantages to having hab extensions distributed nearer the surface. They could connect more easily at the 200 meter level.

Why did you use the metric system instead of feet, inches, etc?

The inch has been defined in the U.S. by the metric system for over a century. Isn't it time to get rid of it?

How did McGill shoot his darts out through his camo-bivvy?

Umm. Blooper. Why don't you work it out.

Why Moonfall? There's no moons falling in it.

I liked the sound of it. Call it a prerogative of self-publishing that it wasn't labeled “Real Honey-boo-boo she-devils of the moon”






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