Terry McGill. Slacker, HS ennui, gamer.

Terry is 16, a superb gamer and master of most games. At 5'8” tall and 138 pounds, black hair and introverted, his grades are Cs and Ds with an occasional A in interesting subjects, like computers, but he usually just 'gets by.' A Sophomore at Mick Jagger High in Torrance, CA, he's usually left alone at home by his working mother and sometimes father. His game handle is usually: Swagger (Sgt_Swagger_54). When he hangs out with anyone it's usually:

Clarence Shipmore, also an MJ High school Sophomore. Although both boys talk about getting laid a lot, both are virgins. Neither has the nerve to approach most girls, let alone the ones they find interesting. Clarence is 6'0”, and weighs165 pounds has short blond hair and acne. Clarence's gaming handle is usually Big_Sam_426. Clarence's grades are generally the same as Terry's and his homelife is similar too. He lives a block away from Terry in Torrance.

Anita Grindler is the only girl nerd in the school. Sometimes she drops in on Terry and Clarence, but she usually dresses and makes up severe Goth, so while they don't mind her dropping in, they think of her as their zombie sister, and in fact, that's Anita's game handle, Zombie_Sister_4755.

Anita is 16, 5'7” tall and 115 pounds, but dresses goth and games like a wiz. She is nominally a blond, but hair color changes often. Anita's grades are all As, when teachers aren't off-put by her makeup and dress. She is rumored to have intimidated her ninth grade English teacher into giving her the grade she actually earned by threatening to sue the balls off the teacher's poodle.

Unlike Terry and Clarence, Anita's parents are loving and doting, and perplexed by their daughter's choices. They live, not in Torrance, but in the wealthier community of Rolling Hills, on the Palos Verdes peninsula. Anita has chosen Mick Jagger High because she believes she despises the values of the community she lives in. Not that Torrance is any better, it's just a convenient different.

Daniella 'Dani' Tessila, 5'8” tall, 145 lbs, green eyes, red and blond short cut hair. A Warrior class player.

Bob – Terry's guide on entry to Warmark

Carl – Terry's avatar/trainer in Kazakh trek. Father figure for Terry and resident of a Quantum community.

Goliath” Railroad tough in Kazakh trek.

Colonel Strom Netherland, assignments/training auditor.

Capt James, Admin busybody.

Navid Salehi – Iranian met at Horbitel ch 17

Dori Nahami – Farmer from Ghana, room mate, ch 17

Nhang, from Thailand ch 17

Ho Mai from Shenzou, China ch 17

Nguyen Su, from Vietnam ch 17

Khapdoc, from Uzbekistan. Ch 17

Lieu Shen Ti. Farmer from Shanghai met on station ch 17

Ferguson McClain – Scotland, farmer, ch 17, roommate

Admiral Lo Tien – facility commander Ch 18

Captain Julia Menard – architect Ch 18

Very attractive brunette, architect and moonbase planner. 27 years old, divorced from Major Tim Dexter, mistress to Adm Lo Tien.

Ms. Martin, Farm section overseer – ch 18

Charley Kroneberg, inventing programmer – Prologue

Abe Beniman, Charley Kroneberg's cubemate, CEO, Beniman Simulated Realities

Bob Zamburu, recipient of Charley's/Abe's notebook & USB.

Major Tim Dexter, space marines, Ch 19 married to Julia Menard (ch 21)

Charley – Electronic intelligence. Ch 20, 21

Colonel Samson, Deputy moon base C/O, administrative functionary, aristrocratic background.

Colonel Tsukihiro Tanaka, Operations Commander, primarily surface ops.

Lt David Safavian, Dexter co-hort.

Yoshito Tsegura (Yosh) helps Terry save moonbase.

Tseng – climbs out with McGill & Yosh, repairs electrical

Su Wei – leads rest of group out after McGill

Cmdr Feng Hu Zhang – Colonel Tanaka's injured adjutant in the control safe room.

General Le Cai Brevsky, SEI Space force commander and Project Nyx commander.

Lo Whang, media escort and PA flack for McGill during hero-walk.





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