Cover image. Moonbase 2110 (after Nyx departure)

Moonbase layoutOverhead sketch of Moonbase surface.

Block plantreconstitutes aggregate excavated from the habitat area. The podrail ramps and blast pit walls are constructed from these materials.

Podrail systemLanding/launching system for passengers and small cargo. Used to avoid dust issues.

Miners and FreightersRock, ice and cargo haulers. These usually land at the designated blast pits on the outer periphery of moon base. Blast fences keep dust down and loading cranes are positioned at the pits regularly.

These vessels are built using modified Pods as primary thrust engines. Crew/cargo compartments are remodeled as required.

Loading crane.

Bus/Buggy. Surface transportation for station use.

Big Fab plant. Surface facility for constructing large objects, buses,buggies, etc.

Habitat Layout.





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