Podrail system – The podrail ramps are one kilometer long and elevated at an angle of 20º. Each is capable of both launch and landing, but for orbital safety, everything lower than 40 kilometers is required to orbit from Moon west to east. The rails are capable of four earth gravities acceleration and deceleration, meaning a pod could theoretically hit the rail slot at up to 233 meters per second (858 kph/500mph)and be decelerated to zero in six seconds. Pods are autonomously piloted by computer and are capable of free-landing if necessary. An outer marker tracking system will dictate mandatory go-around if speed, altitude, direction and attitude of a pod are outside safe limits.

A “catcher's” mitt stands at the end of the landing ramp in case a pod somehow misses the rail entry. The “mitt” will catch a deflected pod and decelerate it down the rail.

Pods land back end first then are reversed at a line switch into the receiving airlocks at the Pod Port. Their front-end airlock is engaged and passengers disembark into the underground reception area and are transported via underground tunnel to the habitat.

When pods have discharged passengers they are routed on the rail to the pod maintenance and storage facility.

All pods travel butt first on the rail until they are reversed just prior to entering the maintenance facility. When a pod is outgoing and bound for launch, it is last-minute launch checked at that facility before continuing to the launch ramp.


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