Moonfall lexicon

These are the ideas behind some self-created terms in the book.

Cab-bot: - Autonomous taxi

Camo-Bivvy: -Camouflage (pass-thru invisibility), weatherproof, impact resistant (impact gel), thermal suppression and insulator.

Clip-scans: - Sun/Flash/Night-vision sensor equipped eye protection. Self adhering.

Food-kit : - Food producing emergency kit. Six weeks of nutrients from protein and vegetable matter. Produces Nutri-paste.

Home product maker: - Residential 3D printer (separate from food printer).

Imperm sheet: - impermeable sheet (plastic)

Kitchen producer: - Residential food printer. Similar to the Food-Kit, these 3D print consumables from a menu. Inputs to a kitchen producer may be items with generic lables like “protein” or “vegetables” or “fruit” to hide the ingredients. Output product would be much like chicken nuggets are today.

Medi-chips: - medical field compact kits for emergency human repairs, especially bullet wounds. Essentially nano material based cleaning and sewing kits aimed at skin and flesh wounds.

Nutri-paste: – food kit output, reorganized protein or vegetable matter.

Pod: - Common people carrier module. Equipped with main engine in rear, attitude thrusters and an airlock in front, it carries up to 20 people and/or cargo. Pods are commonly used as the last stage to earth orbit, as a transported unit on a lunar transit shuttle and as a moon lander, using the magnetic rail landing/launching system. Using magnetic rails for frequent launching and landing reduces dust issues around moon base and enables the pod-rail system to serve as a passenger terminal.

Stripped pods are a basic component of other vehicles assembled for deep space work, like freight haulers and asteroid miners.

Pod-Port: - Moonbase passenger terminal aka rail-port/pod-rail.

PLEN - Phlago-Limbi-Endo-Neuro

Presh-Mesh: – lightweight mesh metafiber underwear with hoodie and pull-over facemask to provide emergency life support in event of depressurization (any spaceflight.) Holds for three minutes.

Q-Plug: - Osmo-PLEN-Quanti-Interface, “OPQ” or “Q-plug”for short.

Quantum Community: -Retrievable persona storage for the dead.

SIE: -Sino-Indian-European: A political alliance.

Sim: - Simulation (also may be vid).

Sono Magnetic Ultrapulse Disintegrators: - Rock breakers.

Station Vests: - extra 5 minute personal air supply, a roll of barf vacuum bags and emergency patch tools.

Sto-vest: - Many pocketed equipment vest, also impact resistant.

Tubes: -Internet.

Vid: - Video/film/movie/game.





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